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Indoor Female Photography Photoshoots

Indoor Female Photography Photoshoots are something that I had never really tried out. Typically, I am someone that likes to take all her photos outdoors and in natural settings. I never thought that staged backgrounds and setups would be for me, but I was wrong. I just needed to give indoor female photography a chance. Now I want to do so many Indoor Female Photography Photoshoots.

As I went to this photoshoot and had so many beautiful women dressed in all types of clothing and costumes, I saw the potential and creativity that comes with indoor photography. and overlook often. I would recommend as I did in my Men’s Photoshoot ideas, to think of unique and different poses ahead of time to get the best use out of your staged portraits or photos.

For all of the indoor shots I took, I tried to make them all look very unique and different when in reality they all were taken in the very same room!

If you would like more ideas for indoor photoshoot ideas, check this blog post out!

Indoor Female Photography Photoshoot

Photoshoot Idea #1: Dia de Los Muertos/Day of the Dead

My friend knew how to do boldface makeup and it really completed the look for this photoshoot idea!

Christiansen Photography
Indoor Female Photography
Day of the Dead

Photoshoot Idea #2: Bridals

Christiansen Photography
Bridal Photos

Photoshoot Idea #3: Fall Fashion

Christiansen Photography
Indoor Female Photography Photoshoots

Photoshoot Idea #3: Christmas/ Seasonal

Christiansen Photography
Indoor Female Photography Photoshoot

Indoor Female Photography Photoshoots Bonus Idea

This was by far my favorite photoshoot idea, I loved seeing the skill, talent, and passion that came from watching the Ballerina dance and perform. She had a certain light in her eyes as she hit the right pose or as she felt beautiful in her leotard. Remember, the number of poses and ideas for different photoshoots is limitless, just pick one or two and find some models who will work with you or even some friends!

Christiansen Photography
Indoor Female Photography Photoshoot Ideas

Make sure to have fun with the angles and focal points!

Christiansen Photography
Indoor Female Photography 
Christiansen Photography
Indoor Female Photography Photoshoots
Christiansen Photography
Indoor Women Photography Photoshoots

Overall, if you ever need more ideas for an indoor female photography photoshoot, you can also check out this blog post!

Yellowstone National Park Photography

Yellowstone National Park Photography has, most likely, the oldest and yet most beautiful photographs ever taken. There is no question why millions of photos are taken here every year.

Yellowstone National Park

Mt. Hanes

One of the first must-see places in Yellowstone National Park is Mt. Hanes. As you drive through the park, entering through the west gate, it will be on your right-hand side. Mt. Hanes is the El Capitan of Yellowstone. It is a beautiful mountain with tall trees all along its face. On my last trip, I was with a group of photographers. We were all taking photos in the pouring rain. Some focused on the mountain, some on the trees, and some on the elk sitting in front of the trees. I focused on Taylor, focusing on the elk. I snapped this shot and it is one of my new favorites!

Yellowstone Photography

As I stood there, looking at Mt. Hanes, I saw these cattails blowing in the wind. I walked over to them and got close, focusing on the details. I had the idea to do lense compression. It allowed the cattails to look closer to Mt. Hanes than they actually are. I love this photo because of the clarity and detail of the cattail. You can see the pieces about to blow off in the wind.

Mt. Hanes in Yellowstone

Yellowstone National Park Photography: White Dome Geyser

The White Dome Geyser is a famous geyser in Yellowstone. After arriving at it, the rain stopped and the sun began to peak out! As I looked around to see how to photograph it, I saw the reflection of it in a puddle. After laying down in the dirt, I saw the sun flare shown in the reflection too!

This website has an incredible shot of the White Dome Geyser at night, go check it out!

White Dome in Yellowstone National Park

Sunsets in Yellowstone

Yellowstone is absolutely photogenic. Sunset is one of my favorite times to take pictures at Yellowstone. With all the water throughout the park, there are always magnificent reflections of the sun throughout the water!

Yellowstone National Park Photography

Waterfalls in Yellowstone

There are countless waterfalls in Yellowstone. If you want to visit the top 10 waterfalls in Yellowstone, check out this website.

Yellowstone National Park Photography

I can not recommend Yellowstone National Park Photography more, go visit, and bring your camera with you!

Buffalo River in Island Park Photography

The Buffalo River in Island Park Photography is absolutely gorgeous. It does not matter the weather or season, there is always an incredible shot to be taken. There are so many incredible places to go throughout Island Park, just follow the Buffalo River and you will not be disappointed.

Sky Progression

One of my favorite things about having my camera with me is taking photos all day in the same location. One day, as I was on my way from Rexburg to Island Park, I stopped throughout the drive and took photos along the way. We followed the Buffalo River all the way to the Riverfront Retreat where we were staying that weekend. First, we stopped at a bridge when we crossed over the Buffalo River. It was sunset time, and the colors were magnificent; it had rained all day prior so there were lots of clouds and vibrant colors.

Start of Sunset at the Buffalo River in Island Park

As we parked next to the river, I saw these incredible rocks in the water. I hiked up my pants and got right into the freezing Buffalo River. Watching my step, trying not to fall or slip with all my camera equipment. I placed my tripod in the water, focusing on the rocks in the foreground and making sure to get the wonderful sunset that was creeping over the tall trees. I used braketing, a photography technique, to get all the light and colors visible to my naked eye in my photo. After a little post production action, and I designed this photograph!

Christiansen Photography Buffalo River Sunset

End of Sunset at the Buffalo River in Island Park

As I continued to watch the sunset transition from soft colors high in the sky to the collective bright colors, I stood in awe of the beautiful state I am blessed to live in!

Christiansen Photography

Blue Hour at the Buffalo River in Island Park

Right after sunset, it is called blue hour where the sky loses all color from the sunset and is different shares of blue. Typically, this time of day or night, is perfect for light painting photography with long exposure. It allows all the colors to come to life by using the braketing method.

Buffalo River in Island Park Photography

Night Photography

Night photography in Island Park always turns out amazing, even if it was raining all day earlier. Normally, there is very little light out in Island Park so it is easy to see all the beautiful stars and constilations. You can even see the Milky Way which I was able to capture!

Astrophotography in Island Park

You can find more incredible Buffalo River in Island Park Photography by going to this page!

Grand Teton National Park Photography

Grand Teton National Park Photography is probably my all-time favorite. I love attending school just two hours away from this incredible National Park. If you have never been, I encourage you to go and invite me when you do, or you can buy any of these photos I created to bring the Grand Tetons to you!

Weather in Grand Teton National Park

I would suggest attending Grand Teton National Park in the late Spring or early Fall in order to capture the beautiful nature that surrounds the park. On my most recent trip, we went in the late fall and the weather was not the best. We got snowed on, on our way, and then it rained a bit while we were in the park. This caused us to not see the Tetons.

However, we were able to get some incredible reflection shots from all the rain and puddles!

Christiansen Photography 
Barn at Grand Teton National Park
Christiansen Photography 
Reflection Photography

pou7789My GTNP Perspective

No matter the weather, GTNP is always stunning and very picturesque. During this trip, I focused on getting different perspectives. I normally always try to get the Tetons in almost all of my photos but due to the clouds, they were not visible all day. Instead of being sad or disappointed, I took this opportunity to focus more on the surrounding areas.

We went to String Lake and as I looked all around, I noticed how still and clear the water was. Normally, you would see a reflection of the mountains in the water but this time it was mainly the lake floor and the trees due to the grey sky. It was also fun to get the misty clouds rolling over the trees; It added some new depth and dimension to my photos!

Grand Teton National Park Photography

Another reason why GTNP is one of my favorites is because of the people I meet! While at String Lake, we met some couples kayaking around. After getting to know one another, I asked if I could help capture this moment for them and they agreed. Look how fun!

Grand Teton National Park Couple Photography
Reflection in the water

Capturing the Whole Image

We continued driving around and seeing all we could in Grand Teton National Park. At one point, we stopped at some old barns. As I looked at them, I noticed the fences around them. I decided I wanted to get close to the fences and then focus in on the barns to make them still the focal point. I got down on my knees for one and climbed up the fence for another!

Mormon Barn at Grand Teton National Park Photography
Mormon Barn at Grand Teton National Park Photography

Again, Grand Teton National Park Photography is probably my all-time favorite. You can go check out this blog post to find out where you can go to capture this amazing park!

Creative Outdoor Photoshoot Ideas

I have fallen in love with doing creative outdoor photoshoots. In this post, I will share some creative outdoor photoshoot ideas. I think the best thing to do is to just utilize wherever you are and to bring props to make them pop! But you can check out my other blog post on posed outdoor portraits.

Creative Outdoor Photoshoot Idea #1: Vintage

Living in Idaho creates so many natural photoshoot locations. All of the small towns are so cute and photogenic. The last time I went to Yellowstone I went with a group of photographers and we just planned a bunch of fun outfits and would look for spots that would make the outfits come to life. My friend Jeff put on this huge fur coat and an old hat and started posing in Downtown West Yellowstone. This photo was taken in 2021 but could have been taken in the 1880s. I had fun editing this photo, I edited it normally and then made it look like it was taken in the 1880s!

Creative Outdoor Portraits
Christiansen Photography Creative Outdoor Portraits

This is another photo I took while in West Yellowstone. I love taking candid photos. They are just so pure and authentic that you can’t help but smile when looking at them!

Candid Creative Outdoor Photoshoot

Creative Outdoor Photoshoot Idea #2: Adventerous

Recently when I went to the Tetons the weather was not the best but everyone was still out doing what they love. While I was at String Lake with some friends there was a group of Kayakers and they just looked so happy! I walked over to get to know them and ask if I could take their photos. They agreed and even let me ride in one of their kayaks. Sometimes, you do not even need props because other people are already naturally staged perfectly.

Outdoor Creative Portraits

This is me when they let me get into their kayak! It was so fun! If only I could have taken my camera with me because the views from the water were gorgeous!

Outdoor Creative Portrait in a Kayak

Creative Outdoor Photoshoot Idea #3: Using What You Have

My friend Sam was with me and he naturally looked like a mountain man! I had him pose and he just looked so natural. Sometimes all you have is what you are wearing but you can make anything work with the right pose!

Creative Outdoor Photoshoot Ideas

This photo was also taken in the moment, without much planning My friend was already wearing a fun neon raincoat so I handed her my umbrella and told her to stand next to the puddles so I could get a nice reflection in them! I am happy with the way it turned out.

Unique Portrait Outside

Photoshoot Idea #4: Smokebombs

Sadly I was the one posing during this photoshoot so I only had a few photos that my friend took on my camera but they all turned out great! We just had someone run around me while I changed poses to get some mysterious photos, perfect for Halloween!

Creative Outdoor Photoshoot Ideas

If you want to learn more creative outdoor photoshoot ideas check out this website for 20 more ideas!

Posed Outdoor Portraits

When I first started photography, taking posed portraits was my least favorite, especially posed outdoor portraits. All my friends would always ask me to take their photos which I loved doing on my phone but not my camera. I still do not know why that was. However, my mindset changed as I began to capture moments on my camera that people would want forever. I slowly got into people photography and I have loved it ever since. Now I am taking my two favorite things the outdoors and photography to further my Posed Outdoor Portraits.

Outdoor Portraits in Teton National Park

Living in Idaho, I am blessed to live so close to Teton National Park. I find myself going there often, especially with friends and family members. On my most recent trip, I went with a group of photographers and we had the best time taking photos of the nature around us as well as each other. We brought some props to allow us to take themed portraits in nature.

My Posed Outdoor Portraits

These photos were posed, or in other words, I told my friends how to stand, act, smile, and so forth. I do not like it when the people getting their photo taken feel awkward unless I know for sure it will produce an incredible shot. Most of the time I provide suggestions on how they should angle their body and then I allow them to interpret what I say and make corrections as they pose. These are two photos I took at String Lake in the Tetons. One is for my friend who is a photographer, to have a photo to help her remember her passion for photography and this fun trip we went on.

This photo is of my friend Taylor who loves climbing, especially outdoors. He brought some of his climbing gear and posed with it. Originally, I was taking full-body photos of Taylor but then I saw how he was looking at his gear and handling it, so I zoomed in on his face and hands to get that raw emotion you could see in his face.

Outdoor Climber Portrait

Unplanned Posed Portraits

This photo is probably one of the favorites I have taken most recently. As I was waiting in line for the restroom at Yellowstone National Park, this gentleman walked past me and as he did, I complimented his beard. Look at it, how cool! After I was done waiting, I walked over to him at his car and got to know him. He was currently traveling around National Parks and just sleeping in his car as he traveled. His name is Kolunis and he has traveled the world, literally! I love the people I met while taking photos and being able to remember them through the photos I take! Photography is just the best, especially posed outdoor portraits!

Posed Outdoor Portraits

If you want to learn how to pose people for outdoor portraits, you can check out this website that helped me! It provides great tips on how to pose people!

More Portraits!

Laughing Portrait
Christiansen Photography, Portrait
Christiansen Photography, Posed Outdoor Portrait

Outdoor Long Exposure Photography

Outdoor Long Exposure Photography

Outdoor long exposure photography is a fun way to take a normal photo and make it unique. One of my favorite outdoor long exposure photos is astrophotography. If you want to learn how to shoot astrophotography, you can go check out this blog! If you want to learn more about normal outdoor long exposure photography, you can check out this blog. It shares 8 easy steps to take great long exposure landscape photos.

My Astrophotography

I have always wanted to learn how to take astrophotos. Recently, I received the opportunity to learn in Island Park, Idaho on a photography excursion with Caryn Esplin. She taught me so much and I was able to take some incredible shots of the Milkyway!

Astrophotography can be difficult. Although, an easy way to make it not so difficult is to make sure your tripod is completely still if not, the stars will come out blurry. Some of my photos came out blurry because I was on a deck and there were people walking around. Key tip: don’t let your tripod move, unless you do it purposely to try a unique photo.

Outdoor Long Exposure Light Painting Photography

Another stylistic way to take photos is by going somewhere with unique objects at nighttime and taking photos of them. One day I was driving through Tetonia, Idaho and there was a lot full of old beat-up trucks on it. I got my camera, tripod, and flashlights and went to work! These trucks reminded me of the firetruck photo I took during my own indoor light painting photoshoot.

Outdoor Long Exposure Photography
Outdoor Long Exposure Photography

Light Tube Long Exposure Photography

In addition to using flashlights, you can also use light tubes for long exposure photos. I recently borrowed my mentor’s light tube and tried to join the tube tribe. The concept is the same as normal long exposure photography. All you do is have someone move the light tube around to create designs behind a posed person.

This is how it turned out!

Outdoor Long Exposure Light Photography

Indoor Long Exposure Photography

Long Exposure Photography

Indoor Light Painting, Firetruck, American Flag

If you are not a photographer or just not starting to explore the technique, indoor long exposure photography is fun. It is a photography technique that slows the shutter speed from fractions to full seconds. The most common long exposure photography people recognize is a flowing waterfall, where the water is blurry. That is an example of outdoor long exposure photography.

Light Painting

A unique type of indoor long exposure photography is called light painting. What you do is first find a dark room, typically a bathroom without any windows is the most ideal spot in a house. Then you want to set up a person, object, or anything you want to photograph. Next, you will want to have sources of lighting, specifically flashlights or light pens. Then you will turn on the lights and set the autofocus on your object, then switch it to manual. You will then want the room to be as dark as possible. You will set up your camera settings for your specific situation, which you can learn on Adobe. Then you push the magical button and move the light around the object, illuminating what you want to show in the photo.

Examples of Long Exposure Light Painting Inside

Indoor Light Photography

If you want to learn some beginner light painting ideas, check out this light painting blog! It gives 11 easy ideas.

Indoor Light Painting Photography

Recently, I tried to enhance my indoor light painting photography skills by taking photos of objects that create a scene. I took a photo of western objects and made sure to only illuminate certain parts. I edited it to enhance the colors and then I took out the color and made it black and white.

Western Light Photography
Western Indoor Light Painting

Another photo I did was to mimic an under the sea type photo. I had some fun messing with the light around the bottle too. It is important to make your photos your own!

Under the sea light photography, Indoor Long Exposure Photography

If you want to join me the next time I do a long exposure photo shoot, contact me!

How To Brand Your Business

Branding Tips for Beginners

Learning to brand your business can be fun. I will share what I did to help you learn from my personal process.

Step 1: Make a Mood Board

The first thing I did to try and figure out what I wanted my brand to be like is going on Pinterest. I looked up neutral tone color palettes, couple photography, travel photography, friends, and logos. After about an hour of searching on Pinterest, I began to put all my favorites together. It helped that I chose a photo first, the photo of Greece, and then I used a color dropper to pick my favorite colors from it. Then I put all the photos that matched the color scheme I wanted and placed them together.

Mood Board

You can also read 7 Steps for a Unique Photography Business Brand from Sparks!

Now It Is Time To Design Your Logo

After I had the colors, theme, and overall idea and vision for my brand, I grabbed my old fashion pen and paper and started sketching logo after logo. I tried circle logos, square logos, and everything I could come up with. I eventually could come up with anymore so I opened up Canva, and began to try different fonts and combinations of the ideas I had sketched out.

Through working on multiple designs, I came up with my top four. I then sent them to close and gathered multiple opinions.

Top 4 Logos

Christiansen Photography Logo Options

Final Logo of My Business

I came to the conclusion this would be my new logo

Christiansen Photography Logo, Brand Your Business

Going a Step Further with Branding Your Business

This next image shows more of the series of working through my logo, putting it onto a shirt, and then making and designing my business cards.

Logo Outline

Contact me now to learn more about how to brand your business!

OSES: Ordinary Spot, Extraordinary Shot

Extraordinary Shot Photography Tips

It is natural to find it difficult to get your creative juices flowing, but a technique I learned recently has helped make all the difference. OSES which stands for ordinary spot, extraordinary shot is a tool everyone can use to make their photography better. The concept is to take an ordinary spot and see it differently than normal. To look for single objects and get close up to them, or try different angles to make it look like a totally different place.

Every Day Examples of OSES

Recently, my friends and I went and played mud volleyball and I thought it would be the perfect time to try out this technique. I was standing and watching my friends, at a safe distance so my camera would not get covered in mud. Just then my friend dove into the mud! He was covered from head to toe in mud. I took a simple volleyball court, added water, and some friends and in return, I took some awesome action shots.

Ordinary Spot, Extraordinary Shot

I also put this technique into use when I went to Grand Teton National Park. The weather was not the best, it was gloomy and we could not see the Tetons. Instead of the typical pictures of the Tetons, I decided to focus more on the people that we came across. As I was taking photos of the lake and the trees, I noticed a group of kayakers. After walking over to them, I began to get to know them and talk to them. I asked if I could take some photos of them as well, they agreed.

A simple lake photo can come to life by capturing a happy memory for a couple. You can go and visit this lake in Grand Teton National Park.

String Lake, Grand Teton National Park

If you would like to learn more about OSES: Ordinary Spot Extraordinary Shot, contact me and I would be happy to schedule a time with you to help you. Or you can read this article to learn more!


I’m an all-in-one photographer based in Rexburg, Idaho. My goal is to continue to find my personal style by photographing different events that allow others to capture their forever moments. I love shooting all events, especially special and unforgettable moments that you want to remember. If it’s special to you, it’s special to me.

To keep it short, I really like taking photos, especially of people.

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