The Buffalo River in Island Park Photography is absolutely gorgeous. It does not matter the weather or season, there is always an incredible shot to be taken. There are so many incredible places to go throughout Island Park, just follow the Buffalo River and you will not be disappointed.

Sky Progression

One of my favorite things about having my camera with me is taking photos all day in the same location. One day, as I was on my way from Rexburg to Island Park, I stopped throughout the drive and took photos along the way. We followed the Buffalo River all the way to the Riverfront Retreat where we were staying that weekend. First, we stopped at a bridge when we crossed over the Buffalo River. It was sunset time, and the colors were magnificent; it had rained all day prior so there were lots of clouds and vibrant colors.

Start of Sunset at the Buffalo River in Island Park

As we parked next to the river, I saw these incredible rocks in the water. I hiked up my pants and got right into the freezing Buffalo River. Watching my step, trying not to fall or slip with all my camera equipment. I placed my tripod in the water, focusing on the rocks in the foreground and making sure to get the wonderful sunset that was creeping over the tall trees. I used braketing, a photography technique, to get all the light and colors visible to my naked eye in my photo. After a little post production action, and I designed this photograph!

Christiansen Photography Buffalo River Sunset

End of Sunset at the Buffalo River in Island Park

As I continued to watch the sunset transition from soft colors high in the sky to the collective bright colors, I stood in awe of the beautiful state I am blessed to live in!

Christiansen Photography

Blue Hour at the Buffalo River in Island Park

Right after sunset, it is called blue hour where the sky loses all color from the sunset and is different shares of blue. Typically, this time of day or night, is perfect for light painting photography with long exposure. It allows all the colors to come to life by using the braketing method.

Buffalo River in Island Park Photography

Night Photography

Night photography in Island Park always turns out amazing, even if it was raining all day earlier. Normally, there is very little light out in Island Park so it is easy to see all the beautiful stars and constilations. You can even see the Milky Way which I was able to capture!

Astrophotography in Island Park

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