I have fallen in love with doing creative outdoor photoshoots. In this post, I will share some creative outdoor photoshoot ideas. I think the best thing to do is to just utilize wherever you are and to bring props to make them pop! But you can check out my other blog post on posed outdoor portraits.

Creative Outdoor Photoshoot Idea #1: Vintage

Living in Idaho creates so many natural photoshoot locations. All of the small towns are so cute and photogenic. The last time I went to Yellowstone I went with a group of photographers and we just planned a bunch of fun outfits and would look for spots that would make the outfits come to life. My friend Jeff put on this huge fur coat and an old hat and started posing in Downtown West Yellowstone. This photo was taken in 2021 but could have been taken in the 1880s. I had fun editing this photo, I edited it normally and then made it look like it was taken in the 1880s!

Creative Outdoor Portraits
Christiansen Photography Creative Outdoor Portraits

This is another photo I took while in West Yellowstone. I love taking candid photos. They are just so pure and authentic that you can’t help but smile when looking at them!

Candid Creative Outdoor Photoshoot

Creative Outdoor Photoshoot Idea #2: Adventerous

Recently when I went to the Tetons the weather was not the best but everyone was still out doing what they love. While I was at String Lake with some friends there was a group of Kayakers and they just looked so happy! I walked over to get to know them and ask if I could take their photos. They agreed and even let me ride in one of their kayaks. Sometimes, you do not even need props because other people are already naturally staged perfectly.

Outdoor Creative Portraits

This is me when they let me get into their kayak! It was so fun! If only I could have taken my camera with me because the views from the water were gorgeous!

Outdoor Creative Portrait in a Kayak

Creative Outdoor Photoshoot Idea #3: Using What You Have

My friend Sam was with me and he naturally looked like a mountain man! I had him pose and he just looked so natural. Sometimes all you have is what you are wearing but you can make anything work with the right pose!

Creative Outdoor Photoshoot Ideas

This photo was also taken in the moment, without much planning My friend was already wearing a fun neon raincoat so I handed her my umbrella and told her to stand next to the puddles so I could get a nice reflection in them! I am happy with the way it turned out.

Unique Portrait Outside

Photoshoot Idea #4: Smokebombs

Sadly I was the one posing during this photoshoot so I only had a few photos that my friend took on my camera but they all turned out great! We just had someone run around me while I changed poses to get some mysterious photos, perfect for Halloween!

Creative Outdoor Photoshoot Ideas

If you want to learn more creative outdoor photoshoot ideas check out this website for 20 more ideas!