Grand Teton National Park Photography is probably my all-time favorite. I love attending school just two hours away from this incredible National Park. If you have never been, I encourage you to go and invite me when you do, or you can buy any of these photos I created to bring the Grand Tetons to you!

Weather in Grand Teton National Park

I would suggest attending Grand Teton National Park in the late Spring or early Fall in order to capture the beautiful nature that surrounds the park. On my most recent trip, we went in the late fall and the weather was not the best. We got snowed on, on our way, and then it rained a bit while we were in the park. This caused us to not see the Tetons.

However, we were able to get some incredible reflection shots from all the rain and puddles!

Christiansen Photography 
Barn at Grand Teton National Park
Christiansen Photography 
Reflection Photography

pou7789My GTNP Perspective

No matter the weather, GTNP is always stunning and very picturesque. During this trip, I focused on getting different perspectives. I normally always try to get the Tetons in almost all of my photos but due to the clouds, they were not visible all day. Instead of being sad or disappointed, I took this opportunity to focus more on the surrounding areas.

We went to String Lake and as I looked all around, I noticed how still and clear the water was. Normally, you would see a reflection of the mountains in the water but this time it was mainly the lake floor and the trees due to the grey sky. It was also fun to get the misty clouds rolling over the trees; It added some new depth and dimension to my photos!

Grand Teton National Park Photography

Another reason why GTNP is one of my favorites is because of the people I meet! While at String Lake, we met some couples kayaking around. After getting to know one another, I asked if I could help capture this moment for them and they agreed. Look how fun!

Grand Teton National Park Couple Photography
Reflection in the water

Capturing the Whole Image

We continued driving around and seeing all we could in Grand Teton National Park. At one point, we stopped at some old barns. As I looked at them, I noticed the fences around them. I decided I wanted to get close to the fences and then focus in on the barns to make them still the focal point. I got down on my knees for one and climbed up the fence for another!

Mormon Barn at Grand Teton National Park Photography
Mormon Barn at Grand Teton National Park Photography

Again, Grand Teton National Park Photography is probably my all-time favorite. You can go check out this blog post to find out where you can go to capture this amazing park!