Branding Tips for Beginners

Learning to brand your business can be fun. I will share what I did to help you learn from my personal process.

Step 1: Make a Mood Board

The first thing I did to try and figure out what I wanted my brand to be like is going on Pinterest. I looked up neutral tone color palettes, couple photography, travel photography, friends, and logos. After about an hour of searching on Pinterest, I began to put all my favorites together. It helped that I chose a photo first, the photo of Greece, and then I used a color dropper to pick my favorite colors from it. Then I put all the photos that matched the color scheme I wanted and placed them together.

Mood Board

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Now It Is Time To Design Your Logo

After I had the colors, theme, and overall idea and vision for my brand, I grabbed my old fashion pen and paper and started sketching logo after logo. I tried circle logos, square logos, and everything I could come up with. I eventually could come up with anymore so I opened up Canva, and began to try different fonts and combinations of the ideas I had sketched out.

Through working on multiple designs, I came up with my top four. I then sent them to close and gathered multiple opinions.

Top 4 Logos

Christiansen Photography Logo Options

Final Logo of My Business

I came to the conclusion this would be my new logo

Christiansen Photography Logo, Brand Your Business

Going a Step Further with Branding Your Business

This next image shows more of the series of working through my logo, putting it onto a shirt, and then making and designing my business cards.

Logo Outline

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