Long Exposure Photography

Indoor Light Painting, Firetruck, American Flag

If you are not a photographer or just not starting to explore the technique, indoor long exposure photography is fun. It is a photography technique that slows the shutter speed from fractions to full seconds. The most common long exposure photography people recognize is a flowing waterfall, where the water is blurry. That is an example of outdoor long exposure photography.

Light Painting

A unique type of indoor long exposure photography is called light painting. What you do is first find a dark room, typically a bathroom without any windows is the most ideal spot in a house. Then you want to set up a person, object, or anything you want to photograph. Next, you will want to have sources of lighting, specifically flashlights or light pens. Then you will turn on the lights and set the autofocus on your object, then switch it to manual. You will then want the room to be as dark as possible. You will set up your camera settings for your specific situation, which you can learn on Adobe. Then you push the magical button and move the light around the object, illuminating what you want to show in the photo.

Examples of Long Exposure Light Painting Inside

Indoor Light Photography

If you want to learn some beginner light painting ideas, check out this light painting blog! It gives 11 easy ideas.

Indoor Light Painting Photography

Recently, I tried to enhance my indoor light painting photography skills by taking photos of objects that create a scene. I took a photo of western objects and made sure to only illuminate certain parts. I edited it to enhance the colors and then I took out the color and made it black and white.

Western Light Photography
Western Indoor Light Painting

Another photo I did was to mimic an under the sea type photo. I had some fun messing with the light around the bottle too. It is important to make your photos your own!

Under the sea light photography, Indoor Long Exposure Photography

If you want to join me the next time I do a long exposure photo shoot, contact me!