Mock Movie Poster

As I test of my photography skills, specifically my self-portrait skills and photoshop, I recreated a Les Miserables Movie poster and put my own twist on it.

Movie Poster

The Process

As I test of my photography and photoshop skills, I decided to do a mock movie poster. I first googled movie posters to start my brainstorming. I then narrowed my search by googling blonde leading women. I came across this Les Miserables poster and thought it was perfect.

I then started to think about what I could do to actually mimic this poster. I saw that the background was dark with a lighter texture in the top left corner. I then noticed the Rembrandt lighting on the left side of her face, allowing the lighting to be coming from the left side at an angle.

Next, I noticed the seriousness in her facial expression, especially with those piercing blue eyes looking right into the scandal. Then, with her hair blowing to the left side of her face and the darkness under her face to make it as if he head is almost floating.

I knew this was going to be a slightly difficult picture to take in one sitting but I was determined to make it work with the resources I had available.

Mock Movie Poster Set Up

Behind the Scenes of the Mock Movie Poster

My first thought when thinking about how to execute this photo was that I cannot do it alone. I asked a fellow photographer I know to help me. I went over to his apartment and he and his 5 roommates helped to get this shot.

We first figured out the backdrop using a dark textured blanket. Then we figured out the lighting, using multiple types of lights at different heights and angles. Then it was time to perfect the hair, my friend held the fan next to my face while another guy messed with my hair to try and mimic the strands as best we could. Then we turned off all the lights and did some test shots. After about an hour or two, we finally perfected it as much as we could, the rest I did in post-production.

Series of Events:

Mock Movie Poster Pose, Self Portrait
Mock Movie Poster, Self Portrait
Movie Poster

I did this as a mini passion project for myself but I can do it for you too. Contact me now to set it up!