Outdoor Long Exposure Photography

Outdoor long exposure photography is a fun way to take a normal photo and make it unique. One of my favorite outdoor long exposure photos is astrophotography. If you want to learn how to shoot astrophotography, you can go check out this blog! If you want to learn more about normal outdoor long exposure photography, you can check out this blog. It shares 8 easy steps to take great long exposure landscape photos.

My Astrophotography

I have always wanted to learn how to take astrophotos. Recently, I received the opportunity to learn in Island Park, Idaho on a photography excursion with Caryn Esplin. She taught me so much and I was able to take some incredible shots of the Milkyway!

Astrophotography can be difficult. Although, an easy way to make it not so difficult is to make sure your tripod is completely still if not, the stars will come out blurry. Some of my photos came out blurry because I was on a deck and there were people walking around. Key tip: don’t let your tripod move, unless you do it purposely to try a unique photo.

Outdoor Long Exposure Light Painting Photography

Another stylistic way to take photos is by going somewhere with unique objects at nighttime and taking photos of them. One day I was driving through Tetonia, Idaho and there was a lot full of old beat-up trucks on it. I got my camera, tripod, and flashlights and went to work! These trucks reminded me of the firetruck photo I took during my own indoor light painting photoshoot.

Outdoor Long Exposure Photography
Outdoor Long Exposure Photography

Light Tube Long Exposure Photography

In addition to using flashlights, you can also use light tubes for long exposure photos. I recently borrowed my mentor’s light tube and tried to join the tube tribe. The concept is the same as normal long exposure photography. All you do is have someone move the light tube around to create designs behind a posed person.

This is how it turned out!

Outdoor Long Exposure Light Photography