When I first started photography, taking posed portraits was my least favorite, especially posed outdoor portraits. All my friends would always ask me to take their photos which I loved doing on my phone but not my camera. I still do not know why that was. However, my mindset changed as I began to capture moments on my camera that people would want forever. I slowly got into people photography and I have loved it ever since. Now I am taking my two favorite things the outdoors and photography to further my Posed Outdoor Portraits.

Outdoor Portraits in Teton National Park

Living in Idaho, I am blessed to live so close to Teton National Park. I find myself going there often, especially with friends and family members. On my most recent trip, I went with a group of photographers and we had the best time taking photos of the nature around us as well as each other. We brought some props to allow us to take themed portraits in nature.

My Posed Outdoor Portraits

These photos were posed, or in other words, I told my friends how to stand, act, smile, and so forth. I do not like it when the people getting their photo taken feel awkward unless I know for sure it will produce an incredible shot. Most of the time I provide suggestions on how they should angle their body and then I allow them to interpret what I say and make corrections as they pose. These are two photos I took at String Lake in the Tetons. One is for my friend who is a photographer, to have a photo to help her remember her passion for photography and this fun trip we went on.

This photo is of my friend Taylor who loves climbing, especially outdoors. He brought some of his climbing gear and posed with it. Originally, I was taking full-body photos of Taylor but then I saw how he was looking at his gear and handling it, so I zoomed in on his face and hands to get that raw emotion you could see in his face.

Outdoor Climber Portrait

Unplanned Posed Portraits

This photo is probably one of the favorites I have taken most recently. As I was waiting in line for the restroom at Yellowstone National Park, this gentleman walked past me and as he did, I complimented his beard. Look at it, how cool! After I was done waiting, I walked over to him at his car and got to know him. He was currently traveling around National Parks and just sleeping in his car as he traveled. His name is Kolunis and he has traveled the world, literally! I love the people I met while taking photos and being able to remember them through the photos I take! Photography is just the best, especially posed outdoor portraits!

Posed Outdoor Portraits

If you want to learn how to pose people for outdoor portraits, you can check out this website that helped me! It provides great tips on how to pose people!

More Portraits!

Laughing Portrait
Christiansen Photography, Portrait
Christiansen Photography, Posed Outdoor Portrait