Professional iPhone 12 Photography

On my last trip to Yellowstone, I took more photos on my phone than I normally do. I wanted to expand my creativity and phone photography skills. I have an iPhone 12 and I wanted to work on my Professional iPhone 12 photography.

Panorama on an iPhone 12

At each of the stops, I wanted to see how I could fully capture what I was seeing. I was standing at the river bank looking up at Mt. Hanes and I thought of how incredible the rain made all the colors pop. I noticed some reflections on the water so I decided to take a step back and ended up walking all the way back up by where we parked our car. When I looked at the water again and the reflections were pristine. I grabbed my phone and took a quick panorama, focusing on the reflection of Mt. Hanes in the water. Apple inspired me with their incredible iPhone 12 photography examples.

iPhone 12 Photography

Professional iPhone 12 Photography using Lens Compression

A trick I learned recently is called lens compression. It consists of taking a photo of something with something distinct in the background, in my example, a bridge. Once you take a photo, focusing on something in the foreground, you take about 15 steps backward and then pinch and zoom in at that same object in the foreground and watch how the image comes to life in a new and unique way.

iPhone 12 Lens Compression Photography

Long Exposure on an iPhone 12

Taking long exposure photos on an iPhone is something most people do not know how to do. All you do is put your phone in live mode and take a photo with movement. You swipe up on the photo, swipe to the left, and click on long exposure. I sent this photo in my family’s ground message and they were astonished.

iPhone 12 Long Exposure Photography
iPhone 12 Long Exposure Photography

Professional iPhone 12 Photography Portraits

Portrait Mode is one of my favorite iPhone techniques to use to take quick, easy, yet professionally looking photos of my friends. It is so simple, and it makes a world of difference in photos. Just look at my gorgeous friend and how much better the photo on the right looks.

iPhone 12 Portrait Photography
iPhone 12 Portrait Photography

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