I have learned that good photographers have to have a curious mind. I have also learned great photographers have to put their questions into action. As a curious photographer, I wondered how certain photos were taken, especially photos that have an all-black background. I recently learned how to take SQIBB photos by a mentor of mine, Caryn Esplin. The technique is to take a photo with an all black background, no matter where you are. She refers to this technique as SQIBB: Studio Quality Invisible Black Background. All I used was my camera, a speed flash, and a flash bender. Those simple three objects made an ordinary room and set up turn into a professional photo.

Putting the Studio Quality Black Background Technique into Practice

I put this practice to the test and through trial and error took these photos.

Side Profile Portrait
SQIBB Baseball
SQIBB Portrait

SQUIBB Takes Time

SQIBB photography takes some time to learn. Through trial and error, I learned you can take ordinary pictures extraordinarily by using this technique. I took this technique one step further and tried it on a self-portrait as well. In each of the photos, the room was well lit. I simply adjusted my camera settings and when I would take the photo, the background would become all-black. The idea is to make it look as if I was inside of a studio with an all-black backdrop with professional lighting. Then the real fun occurs in Adobe Photoshop to get the lighting and colors just right.

SQUIBB Self Portrait

This photo was first taken for SQIBB and then I turned it into my mock movie poster, go check it out!

If you want to learn how to do it by yourself or see how I went about it, you can watch a tutorial by Glyn Dewis as he takes you step by step through the Studio Quality Black Background Technique.