Yellowstone National Park Photography has, most likely, the oldest and yet most beautiful photographs ever taken. There is no question why millions of photos are taken here every year.

Yellowstone National Park

Mt. Hanes

One of the first must-see places in Yellowstone National Park is Mt. Hanes. As you drive through the park, entering through the west gate, it will be on your right-hand side. Mt. Hanes is the El Capitan of Yellowstone. It is a beautiful mountain with tall trees all along its face. On my last trip, I was with a group of photographers. We were all taking photos in the pouring rain. Some focused on the mountain, some on the trees, and some on the elk sitting in front of the trees. I focused on Taylor, focusing on the elk. I snapped this shot and it is one of my new favorites!

Yellowstone Photography

As I stood there, looking at Mt. Hanes, I saw these cattails blowing in the wind. I walked over to them and got close, focusing on the details. I had the idea to do lense compression. It allowed the cattails to look closer to Mt. Hanes than they actually are. I love this photo because of the clarity and detail of the cattail. You can see the pieces about to blow off in the wind.

Mt. Hanes in Yellowstone

Yellowstone National Park Photography: White Dome Geyser

The White Dome Geyser is a famous geyser in Yellowstone. After arriving at it, the rain stopped and the sun began to peak out! As I looked around to see how to photograph it, I saw the reflection of it in a puddle. After laying down in the dirt, I saw the sun flare shown in the reflection too!

This website has an incredible shot of the White Dome Geyser at night, go check it out!

White Dome in Yellowstone National Park

Sunsets in Yellowstone

Yellowstone is absolutely photogenic. Sunset is one of my favorite times to take pictures at Yellowstone. With all the water throughout the park, there are always magnificent reflections of the sun throughout the water!

Yellowstone National Park Photography

Waterfalls in Yellowstone

There are countless waterfalls in Yellowstone. If you want to visit the top 10 waterfalls in Yellowstone, check out this website.

Yellowstone National Park Photography

I can not recommend Yellowstone National Park Photography more, go visit, and bring your camera with you!